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Tuesday, August 04, 2020
CAD Design
Automatic Cutting CAM


Product Data Management

ProTechnik is the solution for you to optimize your planning and take control of your production workflow. All product information is centralized in its powerful database which is accessible to each authorized user in a totally transparent way. It will handle your internal and external communications of size specifications and production instructions. If you select to use its task due-by date function ProTechnik will automatically send a reminder the person responsible, thus minimizing any delays in production

Key Features:

Specification and Engineering

  • Create product sheets that include sketches, pictures, or other graphics.
  • Use graphics from your existing CAD Design software, scanners, or digital cameras.
  • Import point of measure information or create spec sheets on the fly
  • Full graded fit spec can be exploded from grade table templates
  • Create fit verification sheets for sample size measuring or production QC
  • Include detailed comments on sizing, assembly, and trims
  • Add both standard comments (saved in system) and free text entry
  • Build or import detailed construction descriptions including graphics
  • Build or import your sewing operations breakdown including stitching detail
  • Visual representation of packaging, labels, materials, trims including placement instructions

Fabric, packaging and trims

  • Raw materials library including electronic swatches and trim images
  • Material development with lab dip reports and fabric test reports
  • Detailed Bill of Materials including fabric, packaging, trim, and fusing categories
  • Detailed Bill of Labour, breakdown by operation, component, or product levels
  • Quick-Cost shows actual material, labour, and overall costs vs. goals.
  • Colour combination breaks out fabrics and trims to individual colourways
  • Visual representation of packaging, labels, materials, trims including placement instructions
  • Applique and embroidery management


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